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Sunday, June 14, 2020


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Monday, July 15, 2019

Download Facebook videos:how to download videos from Facebook lite app no software or app needed

Facebook video downloader

Welcome here again, many peoples have been asking this question, can I download Facebook videos?, or how to download videos from Facebook lite app?, or is it possible to download videos from Facebook?

      Well, the simple answer is yes, Today I will teach you how to download Facebook videos to your android phone, easily and fast, in just few simple steps

I have made you a video with step by step guideline on on how to do it, at the end of this article, is were I placed this video,

Let's get started÷
Steps are÷

  1. Open your Facebook app, in this tutorial, I will use my Facebook lite app for illustrations,
  2. Go to the video you want to download and click on it
  3. In this case, I have opened my Facebook lite app and gotten the video I want to download, see the video below, 
    Download Facebook videos

  4. Just click on the 3 dots option located at the top right corner of the video
  5. And click on copy link as seen below
    Download videos from Facebook
  6. Now go to your chrome browser, and open it, It's not a must that it should be only chrome browser, I am just using it for illustrations,                                                                                                                                                                        READ ALSO: Step by step guide on how I successfully unblocked my url on Facebook within 6 hours here
  7.                                                                                                                             After opening it, just paste the video link you copied earlier from Facebook lite and load the link, the video will try to play, just pause it,
  8. Download Facebook videos
  9. And check the link, you will see that the link will contain,
  10. Just add basic infront of  M in the video link here
  11. And it will look like this
  12. See below image for proof, I have added basic infront of m
    Download videos from Facebook
  13. After adding basic to the video link, just load it, then after loading it,
  14. The video will try to play, just pause it, and 
  15. Click and hold the video, you will see download video button as seen below,
  16. Download Facebook videos
     just click on download, and BOOM! it will start downloading,
  • Download videos from Facebook
  • I have made you a video that will show you how to do it very easily and fast, 
Watch the video below.

That is all guys, I hope you can now download Facebook videos, thank you for reading how to download Facebook videos from Facebook lite app, stay tuned on this blog, please subscribe to our blog if you have not, and feel free to share this post with your friends, because they might be interested in it.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Free keyword research tool: my #1 recommended tool for doing keyword research from mobile device

Mobile keyword research

Hello friends, welcome to this post, today I will be teaching you how to make keyword research from android device with step by step guide and a screenshot to work you through so that you can start doing keyword research from your mobile device. Because doing keyword research helps a lot to boost your SEO, So let's get started, 

Introducing: keywords Everywhere SEO tool a powerful free SEO Tool. 

Keywords Everywhere SEO Tool is a chrome extension, were you install it on your device and start making keyword research right away, %100 free. It helps you to know keywords monthly search volumes, keywords CPC and it's competition. 

So, now I will teach you how to install this keyword everywhere chrome extension on your android phone EASILY and FAST. 
  • Firstly click HERE to install yandex Browser app from Google play store or click HERE to Download it directly from apkpure
  • So after downloading and installing it, then open it. And on the address bar, type
  • Check below image, I have typed it on my yandex app

Mobile keyword research

  • After typing it click GO and new page will appear, just click on install for Chrome

Mobile keyword research
  • After that, new page opens then as you can see below, click add to Chrome

Mobile keyword research

  • Then a page will pop up, just CLICK ON ADD EXTENSION

Mobile keyword research
  • So after you have clicked add extension, the next page will show as on below image, just mark the two box and enter your email address, NOTE: you will receive an activation Api key sent to you by this SEO tool, so after written your email address, click on Email me the free as seen Below.

Mobile keyword research

  • Then a new page will appear telling you that they have emailed you the Api key to your email inbox, 

Mobile keyword research
  • In this case, I used my Gmail address, so I quickly login and check my inbox  as you can see below, I clicked on access your free Api key

Mobile keyword research
  • Then after clicking it another page will open, from there just select and copy the Api key

  • So, as you can see above, I highlighted the Api key which started from 85 and ends on a5, so just copy it. And go back to yandex Browser app and open it
Mobile keyword research

  • As you can see above, after opening the Yandex app, just tap on (:') as I pointed my arrow on it
Mobile keyword research

  • Then click on settings as seen above.
Mobile keyword research

  • After clicking on settings, a pop up page menu will appear, just scroll down and click on extension catalog as seen above.
Mobile keyword research

  • After clicking, extention catalog then scroll down till you find keyword everywhere seo tool, and below it, click more details
Mobile keyword research

  • After clicking more details, then click options as seen above
Mobile keyword research

  • Then finally, after clicking options, a new page appear, just paste the Api key you copied earlier and click on validate as seen above
Mobile keyword research

  • Then you will see that it will tell you that the Api key is valid, for now you have completely installed this SEO tool
  • So the next thing is to start keyword research right away, 
  • To do this, just open the Yandex Browser app and on the search/address bar just type any or your preferred keywords, in this case, I type this keyword : make money online and clicked on search as you can see below
Mobile keyword research
  • After the search results appear just click on (:') three dots and pop up menu appears

Mobile keyword research

  • Click on go to full site
Mobile keyword research

  • Then as you can see below, I just clicked on go to full site and behold, the keyword results appear and it's related keywords, so below screenshoot is the details of keyword you researched
  • Mobile keyword research

    • Just scroll to the right hand side and you see the related keywords of that keyword you researched earlier.. 
    Mobile keyword research

    So now congratulations, you have learned successfully how to make keyword research using keyword everywhere SEO tool on your android phone,
    So if you have any questions, feel free to ask me using the comments section below, and I love to answer you. Thanks for reading and have a great day.! 

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    Thursday, April 11, 2019

    Very useful and helpful Facebook features, links and live chat contacts

    Unblock url on Facebook

    Very useful and helpful Facebook features, links and live chat contacts - hello friends, welcome to this post, today I want to outline to you very helpful and important Facebook features. You might have not known or heared about before. 

    If you read this post to the end you will also learn 
    How to unblock url on Facebook

    Lets continue  as a business owner, Facebook Business provides the latest news, tips & best practices to help you meet your business goals.

    Below I listed important pages that is runned and monitored by Facebook employees,

    and it serves as a resource for businesses who use Facebook as their traffic sources.

    Read also: how to creat a PayPal account that can send and receive money without using vpn in Nigeria works %100 garannteed

    Below are those very helpful features and links

    Through this below page, I contacted Facebook and they unblocked my url successfully

    = == QUICK LINKS ===

    Advertiser Support

    through this page you can contact Facebook via live chat or via email contact. 

    Watch this below video guide, to learn more step by step to link and comfirm visa card in your PayPal account.
    %100 fully varified PayPal account 
    Visa Virtual Credit Card get it on this video just in 5 minutes
    This our PayPal vcc / PayPal prepaid Visa card price is just #2000 or $7 very cheap.

    they works every Mondays to Fridays from 7am - 5am during the working days,
    Important Notice: they do not work during nights hours, so they are not available at night, so to get started, click on below link and start chatting with them consining about some issues you might be having on your Facebook account, like asking them for help to unblock your url on Facebook, or some problems you might be having in running Facebook ads recently i chated with Facebook team,

    I asked them to help me to unblock my url ( that was blocked by Facebook, i told them to help me to unblock it, 
    This is what I wrote to them when I contacted them, 

    I need your help,
    I know that Facebook takes seriously against spam and malware contents, and my blog
    Does not go against Facebook community standard, but Facebook blocked my blog url

    So for this, I can't promot my blog post both using paid and free traffic,

    I will be very happy if you help me out.

    And after I finished chatting with them, they promised me that they will unblock it, 
    And after every thing, 
    they  eventually unblock it successfully and I was very happy, and joy filled my heart because I tried all my best to unblock it and it did not work, because Facebook blocked the links upto 8 good months,
     I wrote and sent many different appeals and  tickets to them every day to them through report a problem option and It did not work,  till I found out this method and  then Boom!!! the domain was unblocked,

    below is my proof that I chated with Facebook team for sure, %100 real
    Live chat

    Live chat

    Live chat
    And they eventually unblocked, check Image below for proof

    As soon as they unblock it, I got a phone call from Facebook team, telling me that my url is unblocked and I should start using it on Facebook write away! 

    That is how to contact Facebook, just click on below link and scroll down to Additional support and look for the live chat option.
    Below Is my android phone showing you live chat 

    Note: this live chat support option is not available in every Facebook account,

    Below is live chat option available on Facebook when visited on PC

    Here is the link to visit there

    FAQ; What if the live chat is not available in my Facebook account, how will I unblock my url on Facebook then? 
    No problem, if your Facebook account does not  have live chat option, just contact me through my contact details below, and I will help you to unblock your url on Facebook, contact me for price to do it for you. 

    You can contact me on Facebook by clicking 
    Or chat me up on whatsapp by clicking  and I will help you unblock it, with a fee

    Watch this below video guide, to learn more step by step to link and comfirm visa card in your PayPal account.
    %100 fully varified PayPal account 
    Visa Virtual Credit Card get it on this video just in 5 minutes
    This our PayPal vcc / PayPal prepaid Visa card price is just #2000 or $7 very cheap.

    Other useful links are outlined below 

    Guides for Advertisers

    Help Centre

    Give Feedback

    Facebook for Business Website

    Thanks for checking out useful Facebook features with links and live chat contact friends, if you find this article helpful, just share it to any social media because other friends might need it,

    if you have any questions, just ask them using the comments sections thanks. 
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    Monday, April 8, 2019

    Netblog android app download : our app is now finally available for download

    Hello, what's new! 

    Netblog android application finally Available for download and install,
    Download it now by clicking HERE
    Below is the screenshoot of the app, 

    It's very easy to use 

    Features Of Netblog Android App

    • It has quality User View
    • Very Fast and easy to Access
    • Very fast in loading
    • Well optimized
    • Social media Sharing tools
    • It is equipped with Star to Save for Next Time, etc
    • Download it now and enjoy it's features 
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