Download Facebook videos: how to download videos from Facebook lite app no software or app needed

Facebook video downloader

Welcome here again, many peoples have been asking this question, can I download Facebook videos?, or how to download videos from Facebook lite app?, or is it possible to download videos from Facebook?

      Well, the simple answer is yes, Today I will teach you how to download Facebook videos to your android phone, easily and fast, in just few simple steps

I have made you a video with step by step guideline on on how to do it, at the end of this article, is were I placed this video,

Let's get started÷
Steps are÷

  1. Open your Facebook app, in this tutorial, I will use my Facebook lite app for illustrations,
  2. Go to the video you want to download and click on it
  3. In this case, I have opened my Facebook lite app and gotten the video I want to download, see the video below, 
    Download Facebook videos

  4. Just click on the 3 dots option located at the top right corner of the video
  5. And click on copy link as seen below
    Download videos from Facebook
  6. Now go to your chrome browser, and open it, It's not a must that it should be only chrome browser, I am just using it for illustrations,                                                                                                                                                                        READ ALSO: Step by step guide on how I successfully unblocked my url on Facebook within 6 hours here
  7.                                                                                                                             After opening it, just paste the video link you copied earlier from Facebook lite and load the link, the video will try to play, just pause it,
  8. Download Facebook videos
  9. And check the link, you will see that the link will contain,
  10. Just add basic infront of  M in the video link here
  11. And it will look like this
  12. See below image for proof, I have added basic infront of m
    Download videos from Facebook
  13. After adding basic to the video link, just load it, then after loading it,
  14. The video will try to play, just pause it, and 
  15. Click and hold the video, you will see download video button as seen below,
  16. Download Facebook videos
     just click on download, and BOOM! it will start downloading,
  • Download videos from Facebook
  • I have made you a video that will show you how to do it very easily and fast, 
Watch the video below.

That is all guys, I hope you can now download Facebook videos, thank you for reading how to download Facebook videos from Facebook lite app, stay tuned on this blog, please subscribe to our blog if you have not, and feel free to share this post with your friends, because they might be interested in it.

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