Instant PayPal VCC: Best Credit Card For PayPal Verification Working 100% (Guaranteed)

Last time I shared a complete details on how to create a working PayPal account that can send and receive payment in Nigeria 100% working method (guaranteed) easily and fast.

Welcome to this place, if you are looking for a best working Paypal VCC to verify your Paypal account, then you have come to the right place.

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I also sell the below vccs (virtual credit cards) 
1. PayPal vcc
2. Amazon prime vcc
3. Amazon seller vcc
4. Facebook ads vcc
5. Vcc for making purchases at godaddy
6. EBay vcc
7. Moz pro vcc
8. Reloadable vcc
9. Online shopping vcc, etc 

Note: unlimited vcc available based on your requests just contact me through my contact details above 👆

If You have been trying to link your bank master card or Visa card to your PayPal account but you keep getting errors any time you tried to link it THEN this our PayPal prepaid Visa card will solve your problem,
Sometimes ago when I was trying to link my bank account credit/debit card, I keeps getting this issue/error telling me that your card has declined which I known you must have been facing the same issue or something like that.
So this our prepared visa card is working %100 on any country's PayPal account, 

At the end of this article, I showed you a video guide step by step to link and confirm this visa card on your PayPal account.

Below is the proof of the account we have created and verified using our Visa prepaid card, as you can see, we successfully linked our card to our PayPal account
And have confirmed the card using the 4 digit code PayPal sent to us below is the proof, 
So after linking the card, then you confirm it with the 4 digit code PayPal sent to us as we will send it to you then your account will be confirmed check below screenshot for the proof
Then at this status, your PayPal account is verified After confirming the card check image below for the verification status, you will see that it is now verified

You can also use this link to check your PayPal account verification status 

If you have not verified your account with card/Bank before and you login to your PayPal account and click the above link it will redirect you to your PayPal account dashboard, but if you have verified it before like for example using our Visa prepaid card then it will shown up that your PayPal account membership status is verified like on the above screenshot.

So after you have linked the card and confirm it as written on the above steps, then the next step is to remove the card, the reason is because the card is only for verification as it is of no use again after you have linked and confirmed it to your PayPal account,

You may ask if I remove it will my account still verified?
The answer is yes if you remove the card, your PayPal account is still verified because a PayPal account can only be verified once,

After removing the card u can use this below link to check your account verification status you will see that it's verified
This is the link to check it

So to remove the card Kindly login to your PayPal account, then click on the card

Then click on remove this card

Then click done and that's all

after you have bought it from us, we will provide you with the card details such as⤵️
  • Card type is prepaid visa
  • Card number
  • Expiring date of the card
  • Card cvv 3 digit code and
  • Billing address
So the above details is what we will send you after you have bought the card from us as that is the needed details to use for PayPal verification.

This our PayPal vcc / PayPal prepaid Visa card price is just #3000 or $10
Very cheap right? 
Note: This is 30% off discount price, the price will be increased soon so get it now.
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