How to Unblock Website Url on Facebook Fast: The Ultimate Step By Step Method 2022

How to unblock website url on Facebook fast - the step by step method - hello friends, welcome to this post, today I want to teach you the real method to successfully unblock your website address url from Facebook, 

If your website address was blocked on Facebook, you can not share it on groups or pages on Facebook, you can not advertise it on Facebook due to the block, you will get error that your website goes against Facebook community standard or Facebook will mark your website as spam and do not allow you to share it at all, so now let me show you how to unblock it successfully, because I unblocked mine within 6 hours,

The best method to unblock url on Facebook is by contacting Facebook support team via livechat option, and simply tell them to unblock your url.

Again just this yesterday, I helped one of my client the CEO of unblocked her website successfully within 6 hours through this method am about showing you, see proof below.


Below is the message Facebook sent me when the url is unblocked successfully.

Now this is exactly how to unblock your url on Facebook fast 
Advertiser business Support

Through this above page, I contacted Facebook and they unblocked my url successfully and my customers url too
  • First click on this link: and scroll down the page you will see button saying, still need help? Get started' see it on image below 
    Just click on get started button and you will be taken to the below page
Then click on contact advertising support

You will see page like above đŸ‘† just scroll down the page as seen below just select ad account or select any of your Facebook page, in my case I just select one of my page from the list,
Then here below you will see a list of page options, just scroll down and click on other page issue
Here below you will need to describe your issue in the box section just copy this template "My website is blocked on Facebook, so l am unable to advertise it, can you help me in unblocking it? I will really appreciate it, thank you!" and paste in the box and replace your website link with the link in there and then enter your phone number on next button then click on start chat
You will be taken to your message inbox to chat with the Facebook support team, hopefully they help you out as they usually helped me, 

you can also copy the text template, replace the website address with yours with space and send it to them in the beginning of the chat, that's it after communicating with the support team they will tell you to wait for like 24 to 48 hours for the url to get unblocked
Below is is my post I made arround 4 years ago when I first unblocked my url on Facebook
(disclaimer: this livechat option is available to those that run paid ads on Facebook, to get this livechat option, you should be be running facebook paid ads) 

I asked them to help me to unblock my url ( that was blocked by Facebook, i told them to help me to unblock it, 
This is what I wrote to them when I contacted them, similar to the template above, anyone can serve

I need your help,
I know that Facebook takes seriously against spam and malware contents, and my blog
Does not go against Facebook community standard, but Facebook blocked my blog url
So for this, I can't promot my blog post both using paid and free traffic,
I will be very happy if you help me out.

And after I finished chatting with them, they promised me that they will unblock it, 
And after every thing, 
they  eventually unblock it successfully and I was very happy, and joy filled my heart because I tried all my best to unblock it and it did not work, because Facebook blocked the links upto 8 good months,
 I wrote and sent many different appeals and  tickets to them every day to them through report a problem option and It did not work,  till I found out this method and  then Boom!!! the domain was unblocked,

Below is my proof that I chatted with Facebook team for sure, %100 real
Live chat

Live chat

Live chat
And they eventually unblocked, check Image below for proof

As soon as they unblock it, I got a phone call from Facebook team, telling me that my url is unblocked and I should start using it on Facebook write away! 
FAQWhat if the live chat is not available in my Facebook account, how will I unblock my url on Facebook then? 
No problem, you can get this option by creating Facebook business account at and advertise so Facebook will enable this option for you, 

Otherwise I can help you to unblock your url on Facebook successfully, just contact me through my contact details below, and I will help you to unblock your url on Facebook, contact me for price to do it for you. 

Thanks for checking out how to unblock url on Facebook, the ultimate step by step method friends, if you find this article helpful, just share it to any social media because other friends might need it,

If you have any questions, just ask them using the comments section thanks.

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