1. One: a silly mistake you are making right now, without even knowing it that is actually preventing your PayPal account from receiving payments from abroad or any were you may call it
  2. Two: a totally LITTLE known strategy you can use to create a working PayPal account that will receive payments from anywhere in the world, 
  3. Below is payments I received in my PayPal account, this is to verify you that this is 100% working

This above screenshot is my account dashboard recent transactions, that is only to confirm to you that it's 100% working with no story,

Right now check below screenshot, I have $7.09 in my PayPal account balance,
See below image for proof.

This above image is just to clarify you that this my method is completely working, see also the balance again.
So as you have seen that my PayPal account can send and receive payments. Now let's look into the features:
  1. It has option to send funds as family and friends (FNF) 
  2. It has features to send funds as goods and services (GNS)
  3. No vpn required, you will use it without using any vpn. 

It has the features to add your Nigeria phone number directly to it, below is my PayPal account screenshot I directly added my Nigeria phone number to it.

You have seen it right?  Also I will show you another option as you can see,

Below is the option of family and friends & goods and services features it has